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SEIKO Solar: Harnessing the power of light. - SNE032P

SEIKO Solar and the environment

SEIKO Solar is a quartz watch takes its energy from light, stores it in a self-recharging battery which never needs to be changed. By eliminating the need for battery change in a quartz watch, SEIKO Solar makes an obvious and important contribution to the cause of a healthier planet. SEIKO was an early pioneer in solar watch technology, with its first Solar watch being launched in 1977.

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1977 1977 SEIKO's first Solar watch with small size solar panels alongside hour markers
1986 1977 Solar watch with power reserve indicator and hand winding capability
1994 1977 Solar watch with hypoallergenic case and bracelet- Ferrite stainless steel and Titanium
2005 2005 World’s first three-band Radio Wave controlled analog Solar watch
2007 1977 World’s first Radio Wave controlled dual-time analog Solar watch with world timer
2008 1977 World's first multi-band (including China) Radio Wave controlled analog Solar watch