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SEIKO Mechanical and the environment

Since making our first mechanical watch in 1895, we have continuously developed and refined our mechanical watchmaking skills, and today, SEIKO builds every part of every watch, from the Spron alloy used in the balance spring to the movement, dial, hands and case. Watch connoisseurs the world over recognize watches like Grand Seiko and Ananta as products of a true "manufacture." Of course, SEIKO mechanical watches need no external power source so that the technology is inherently kind to the environment.

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  • Caliber 8R28

    Caliber 8R28In 2008, SEIKO introduced the 8R caliber automatic chronograph. It incorporates a "magic lever," column wheel and vertical clutch; these are devices that SEIKO was the first to use in a mechanical chronograph back in 1969. In addition, the new 8R movement uses a newly-invented three-pointed hammer, which ensures instant reset of the chronograph hands.

  • Magic Lever

    Magic LeverOne of the key breakthroughs in the modern history of mechanical watchmaking was the invention by SEIKO in 1959 of the "magic lever." This ingenious device harnesses the energy created by the rotor as it turns in both directions, clockwise and anti-clockwise, greatly increasing the power transfer to the main spring and delivering faster winding speed.

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  • Balance wheel and main spring

    Main spring made of SPRON 510 / Balance wheelThe precision and power reserve of a mechanical watch depend greatly on the quality of the balance spring and main spring. SEIKO's unique alloy, SPRON 510, leads the industry by delivering extended power and accuracy.
    * SPRON is a registered trademark of Seiko Instruments Inc.

  • Durability

    Escape wheel & pallet fork manufactured by MEMS engineeringAccuracy without durability is meaningless, and to combine both without compromising either is the summit of Grand Seiko's 9S Hi-beat caliber's achievement. A frequency of 10 beats per second imposes, of course, stronger stress on the mechanism and reliability over time is therefore the challenge. The durability of Grand Seiko's 9S caliber is achieved by the completely new design of the escape wheel and pallet, micro precision in manufacturing, perfect smoothness of the surfaces, reduced weight and improved lubrication sustainability.

  • MEMS Technology

    MEMS technology is a skill transferred to Grand Seiko from Seiko's semi-conductor making division. A part made by MEMS is more durable than a machined part, and it is more resistant to abrasion. SEIKO's MEMS technology delivers precision in manufacturing 2 to 5 times greater than any machining process on Earth.

  • Magic Lever’s amazing efficiency.

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